Contemporary puppetry arts

In Québec, puppetry arts have enjoyed an impressive development since the 1950s. Today, there are more than forty professional companies in the province creating shows for both adults and children. The community’s vitality and the quality of its productions are well recognized by peers and audiences, both at home and abroad.

But first, it is important to rethink what we mean by “puppetry arts.” The term refers to any performing art that animates puppets (all techniques and sizes), objects, shadows, materials, images and/or sounds as a means of conveying dramaturgical meaning.

Today’s puppetry includes transdisciplinary and hybrid forms that are so vast and diverse that we speak of puppetry ARTS in the plural form.

Transcending the clichés with which it is still associated, contemporary puppetry is a major artistic discipline, a mixture of tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and new technologies, theatre, plastic arts and every other artistic discipline, which targets audiences of all generations.

A multitude of forms

Tabletop puppets, hand puppets, rod puppets, string marionettes, hand-mouth puppets, etc.

Object and shadow theatre, theatre of matter

Image manipulation, stop-motion animation

For all audiences


Youth and children

And, very often, adults and children alike!

In a variety of settings

Intimate venues

Large stages

Public spaces

Unusual or unexpected places